SPUNEWS - NEWSLETTER              March | 2016
We have added Vendor Management Module which is a automated vendor rating system based on the statistical model with the following parameters:
  • Single Lot Delivery
  • On Time Delivery
  • Rejection Reason
  • In Process Rejection
Based on the parameters we have arrived the statistical model for the computation of score of the vendors and also alerts the stores to place orders to vendors based on the priority.
Batch Tracking System for the outsourcing management for the components which are sent to the third party for the machining and other jobs which cannot be carried out internally can be tracked based on FIFO and from rejections of the internal process and also will go through the QC for acceptance back into the factory.
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM):

We have added a new feature - Maintenance Scoreboard as part of Business Intelligence in the Maintenance Area by Equipment Availability, Machine Availability, Preventive Maintenance Compliance in terms of the Completion Date, Breakdown Attending Time, MTTR and MTBF based System
Asset History tracking enabled with trace from install to scrap and also change of the tag name along with history adaption to the new asset. The Asset has the feature of the BOM and Tech Specifications storing and also search based on the same.
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