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Product of the Month: AUTOINSPECT
We are pleased to announce that we have launched an incredible new product "AUTOINSPECT" which revolutionizes your inspection process and quality control. Many manufacturing companies may have dreamed about it and few may have even searched for it. Your dreams have come true and your search has ended with the launch of "AUTOINSPECT"No competing product comes close to this patented technology in terms of features, ease of use, cycle time, cost effectiveness and ROI.

AUTOINSPECT creates a master by importing the CAD model and arrives at the dimensions that are to be checked. The master component is then kept under a vision system for calibration. Once calibrated, AUTOINSPECT is ready to inspect the component dimensions and suggest if they are within the acceptable limits.
The objective of AUTOINSPECT is to:
(a) Reduce the inspection  time.
(b) Keep a check on the  rising inspection cost.
(c) Inspect all the components manufactured without  having to slowdown the  production rate
(d) Overcome human  fatigue that reduces the  inspection reliability.
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM):
Enterprise Asset Management provides total and comprehensive planning, scheduling, tracking and execution to support optimal asset monitoring and performance. One of the biggest challenges in asset-intensive industries is to continually manage all their assets - from machines to their spare parts or from air conditioners to hand-held computers, etc.., Spudweb’s EAM gives you unprecedented visibility and control of every asset in your factory.
Some of the key features of Spudweb's EAM include -
  • Parent/Child Asset Hierarchy 
  • Flexible Asset Creation: Manual, Template & Open Interface 
  • Support all types of asset locations: User defined areas, internal inventory locations, external locations etc. 
  • Supports asset moves and transfers, preserving asset attribute, maintenance strategy and history
  • Equipment downtime visibility for production planning
  • Supports predefined asset maintenance activities (Bill of materials)
  • Rule based preventive maintenance strategy 
  • Multiple activity preventive maintenance 
  • Support for global and organization specific preventive maintenance 
  • Failure analysis like Why-Why Analysis 
  • Support for predictive maintenance with user defined collection plans 
  • Preventive Maintenance forecast and work order implementation 
  • Maintenance Budget Forecasting 
  • Integration with plant operations 
  • Easy parts inventory look up from work order and from Maintenance Workbench
  • Extensive work order scheduling abilities including part requests, equipment resources scheduling and employee scheduling 
  • Streamlined work requests with approval workflow 
  • Emergency work orders
  • Corrective maintenance 
  • Shutdown planning 
  • Pre-planned work orders 
  • Inspection, lubrication and routine preventive maintenance work orders 
  • Work hand over (ability to hand over unfinished work to other shift or personnel)
  • Ability to post work time by work order, project or personnel 
  • Flexible work completion process options (for specified work steps and / or work order)
  • Data capture at work order completion (meter readings, collection plan entries, failure data) 
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