SPUMAINT - Maintenance Management Planning

It allows the user to do opportunity maintenance. Opportunity maintenance is nothing but if a parent machine fails the system gives you a suggestion to do PM for its child machines

Inventory Management Reporting Function

  • Easily locate inventory items with user-defined filters
  • Track supplier history
  • Create customized comprehensive inventory transaction reports
  • View and print parts requirements for upcoming PMs
  • Analyse usage of stock and non-stock items
  • Produce detailed and summary inventory valuation reports
  • Output reports as graphs and automatically email them
  • Ability to integrate with Barcode tracking software
  • Easily add inventory graphs to dashboards for up-to-the-minute analysis


Add any type of costing (parts, labor, fluid, or other) to assets without a work order. Keep track of all other costing types besides the three standard ones.


Enter the warranty period of a part and if the same part is replaced during the warranty period, the system will notify you.


Wizards make it easy to copy details of assets, add details to PM Master, import and receive information. Wizards make the system user-friendly (especially for users with minimal computer experience or new employees), while saving time and ensuring that all necessary information is captured.

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