SPULLOWS - Design Software for Metal Expansion Joints

SPUSSIST - Drawing Automation Engine

Our expansion joint design software is ready to be launched with our new version which is now faster and better with more options to users. This makes the software more versatile and easier to add new options and hardware. The turnaround time for development in now only 2-3 weeks for any custom requirement.

Our drawing automation software now come in with an auto quotation configurator , users can now develop their quotations in format of their choice and change the format later on if required. This is provided the input data is not changed.

The software’s drag and drop feature also can be configured to match different combinations and calculations.

SPUSSIST - Production Planning

SPUMAINT - Maintenance Management Planning

Our manufacturing assist software now comes with a new visual inspection mode specially for capturing data as proof for visual inspection. The tool can also be integrated to your current ERP for data posting. Now each process can be individually selected and the corresponding inspection routine can also be added to the process.

Breakdown Ticket Initiation Mobile App

The Mobile application determines the assignment of a work order using the work order header personnel number. Several other assignment types are supported The app requires that a single assignment field assignment is used. Work Orders can be assigned to a technician at the assignment field level or operation level.

  1. Access to asset location, repair history, work order details and materials needed in real time.
  2. View and Create Work Orders, Operations, Measurement Documents, Material Confirmations and Set Order Status.
  3. Create Notifications, Tasks, Items and Activities.

Events Participated:

We have participated in the CII Codissia - 4th Industrial Maintenance Expo Exhibition held between 19-21 Sep 2014 at Coimbatore.